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Red Copper Square Pan

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Experience the newest in non-stick technology with the Red Copper Square Pan, crafted from smooth, non-stick ceramic and super strong copper. The Red Copper Square Pan as seen on TV works as a skillet, fryer, roaster, baking pan and much more. The aluminum rings provide even heat so there’s never any hot spots. Red Copper is engineered with anti-scratch technology, the Red Copper Square pan resists the toughest punishment and food never sticks, ever! Refer to stove manufacturer's instruction manual before using on glass cooktop.

The Red Copper Square Pan 5 Piece Set features a ceramic and copper-infused surface, plus a steamer rack and frying basket. The non-stick square pan makes this set ideal for everything from deep-frying chicken, steaming vegetables, baking sticky buns, and more — all without fatty oils, butter, or grease. Ideal for stovetop cooking, baking and sauteing.

Features a steel induction plate, nonstick ceramic and copper-infused surface. PFOA and PTFE free. Dishwasher safe, or hand wash with mild soap and water and soft, nonmetal scrubber. Pan measures 10”x10”, capacity 4.5 quarts. Includes: Red Copper Square Pan, tempered glass lid, steamer rack, square frying basket, Red Copper recipe guide.

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