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Kitty Cat Mat

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Do your cats go crazy when you’re away, tearing up the entire house, just because they want to play? Not anymore! Kitty Cat Mat is the cat toy that’s perfectly square, that makes your kitty play, snuggle and feel loved when you’re not there!

Just lay the Kitty Cat Mat down, put the Angel Green Catnip in the secret pocket, and watch it attract your kitty in seconds! Your cat will try to catch the hidden mouse in the pouch and delight at the crinkle sound when she steps on and rolls around!

Kitty Cat Mat is the magical square interactive play mat curious kittens and cats can't resist.

Plus, there are four different activity corners with feathers, strings and all kinds of safe things for them to get into!

Includes Kitty Cat Mat (16"x16") and catnip.


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