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Circulation Plus

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Let the Circulation Plus ease away stresses and strains and invigorate your feet and leg muscles with a gentle soothing massage. Utilizes electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) that is clinically proven to safely relieve pain, it features 25 therapeutic programs and comes with 4 TENS pads that you can use elsewhere on your body to help reduce pain. Come with easy to use remote control.

Gently relax the soles of your feet and stiff leg muscles, while watching TV, reading a book or listening to music.

Easy to use just relax in our favorite chair and let Circulation Plus ease sore feet and aching legs. You have nothing to lose but your aches and pains.

FDA cleared.

Includes remote and 4 electro pads.

Circulation Plus Foot and Leg Massager:

Relaxes Aching Feet & Leg Muscles

Helps Improve Circulation

Eases Tiredness

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