Pink Armor Nail Gel
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Pink Armor Nail Gel


Strong, beautiful nails fast with Pink Armor Nail Gel.

  • Brings out Nails Natural BEAUTY
  • Penetrates Deep Down to Repair
  • Professional Results

Product Description

Strong, beautiful nails fast with Pink Armor Nail Gel, as seen on TV. Pink Armor is the thick, protective gel coat that gives you stronger, longer, beautiful natural nails!

The protein rich keratin gel penetrates deep down to repair and strengthen, while the optical brighteners make the nail tips look whiter and the nail beds look pinker, brings out your nails' natural beauty for a flaw look. Just one coat, once a week it's like getting a professional nail treatment but without the expensive salon cost!

Pink Armor won't peel, chip or crack and protects against breaking, cracking, splitting and discoloring. Great as a base coat or protective top coat. .5 fluid oz. Buy Pink Armor Nail Gel today!

Made In: USA

Pink Armor Nail Gel Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars by C.L. on 9/7/2015

I am 49 years old and have NEVER had long nails! I have suffered with ugly, thin, splitting weak nails my entire life. This is the first and only product that has given me absolutely long beautiful strong nails with white tips. The secret is to apply 2 coats at night time and then one coat every day for a week - then start all over again. You will see results very very quickly. Best time to apply is at night before bed - I have never had a problem with the polish peeling off unless I apply in the day and use hot water within a few hours. Im on my second bottle and absolutely love this product!!!

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Rated 4 out of 5 stars by J.I. on 9/2/2015

I found this product in the "as seen on TV" section at Walgreens I did not order it online so this is a review of the product NOT the actual pink armor official site. I have been using this for about a month and there are some great and some not so great things. First off- You cannot rub your freshly painted nails in a pile of rocks and expect it not to scratch- come on who actually believed that anyway. 2nd- I do not think that this makes my nails any stronger than normal nail polish definitely not as strong as actual gel nail polish that has to be cured with a UV light but there are trade offs. Now for the good things-First- Absolutely LOVE the way my painted nails look, they are pinkish (almost fluorescent) not sure if the whites are whiter but at least they do not turn "orangeish or yellowish" if you paint your nails you know what I mean. 2nd- This stuff dries VERY quickly I paint one hand then the other right away and when the 2nd hand is painted the first hand is dry and...

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars by B.D. on 9/3/2015

I recently had my nails done at the salon - UV activated gel tips - it looked beautiful. I even had it touched up - and it was lovely... but then when it came time to remove the gel - the underlying nail was damaged, brittle and chipping. My nails were a disaster! I vowed never to get it done again. But how to get beautiful nails? I dont have strong lucious nails in the first place... I tried Pink Armor Nail Gel - for a fraction of the price of salon nails. I applied 3 coats the first time. It looked amazing! It felt just like gel polish, smooth and shiny - the nails are pink and the white looks healthy. After the first application??!! I kept it on for 5 days as the instructions read - the Pink armor did not peel or chip during that time - and I work a lot with water and chemicals. I removed with regular polish remover and applied another 3 coats. Some days I even put 4-5 coats on to get the gel look - its awesome! My nails are actually growing out...

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars by C.T. on 5/5/2015

Use on nails. Dries quickly and stays on for a week with no chipping.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars by J.A. on 4/15/2015

I use Pink Armor Nail Gel with every manicure, and frequently in between to keep my nails from cracking and breaking. It truly does keep my nails strong, prevents breakage, and thereby allows me to get better length to my nails. I dont even apply a color polish over it, as it has a nice, pale pink color of its own. I love it!

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