Hover Cover
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Hover Cover


Keeps your microwave clean and splatter-free

  • Attaches to ceiling of microwave when not in use
  • Built-in steam vents
  • Microwave safe polymer-encased magnets

Product Description


Hover Cover magnetic microwave splatter guard securely stores in your microwave so it is always ready for use. As seen on TV Hover Cover features four microwave safe polymer-encased magnets that allow cover to attached to the ceiling of microwave when not in use. Built-in steam vents let steam out, heats food evenly and keeps splatters in. Stays cool to the touch.

Just pull it down to cover food, then lift it up and it cover. It's always there when you need it. Fits in most plates, bowl and even platters.
Rinses clean and dishwasher safe. Food-safe and BPA-free. Fits in virtually all microwaves.

Keeps your microwave clean and splatter-free.

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