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Peel up to 3 hard boiled eggs in less than 10 seconds!

  • Just fill with water, add eggs, and shake.
  • Nests for easy storage. Dishwasher safe.
  • Patented elliptical design instantly loosens shells.

Product Description


Peel up to 3 hardboiled eggs in less than 10 seconds with ezEggs! It's so easy to use - just fill with water, add eggs and shake.

Still peeling eggs by hand? It takes forever, and makes a mess!

Now instantly peel up to 3 eggs with ezEggs as seen on TV -- it just shakes the shells right off of them! It's so easy. Just fill with water, add eggs, and shake. In seconds you have 3 perfectly peeled hard boiled eggs every time.

The secret is in the interior nodules that instantly loosen and peel eggs as you shake. You get 3 perfectly peeled eggs in the same time it takes to peel just one egg the old fashioned way.

Create a classic deviled egg platter that's a perfect party pleaser. Make a classic egg salad sandwich. Slice eggs and top off avocado toast. Kids can enjoy a healthy breakfast on the go without making a mess when they can shake and peel their eggs before school!

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