Atomic Beam Lantern
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Atomic Beam Lantern


The Brightest Lantern you'll Ever Own

  • 3 hanging methods
  • Magnetic base
  • Super bright LED panel lights

Product Description

Don't be stuck holding your flashlight in a lightless situation! Atomic Beam® Lantern shines 360-degrees of bright light wherever and whenever you need it. This lantern uses flat LED panels. Use Atomic Beam® Lantern for working on your car, boating, camping, blackouts, and emergencies. The lantern is equipped with a magnetic base. Attach Atomic Beam® Lantern to any metal surface or use the hook for hands-free light. Don't fumble with switches and buttons. Turning Atomic Beam® Lantern on and off is easy. Just pull up to turn on and push down to turn off. Atomic Beam® Lantern blows other outdoor lanterns away. It's the ultimate light for camping and hiking!

- Atomic tough lantern
- 3 hanging methods
-Super bright LED panel lights
- Easy on, easy off feature
-Magnetic base
-Built-in hanging hook
-Great for automotive work, boating, camping, blackouts, and emergencies.
-Brighter than ordinary lanterns
-Uses 3 AA batteries (not included)
-Includes 1 Atomic Beam® Lantern

Atomic Beam is a registered trademark.

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